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free Adobe Reader X compatability problem

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:16 pm
by dirgos
Since the Gould Foundation no longer bothers with emails in connection with support issues, I am resorting to this mode of communication to notify it that there appears to be an issue between the free Adobe X Reader and the Cleanup utility. I have a PC running XP Professional Service Pack 3, TrendMicro anti virus, and the latest version of Cleanup at 6/6/11. When I run Cleanup it trashes the Adobe Reader X, which can only be restored through removal and download to a functioning condition. When this happen, Adobe complains about a core DLL. For some reason, the three paid versions of Adobe 8 that I have in house are not affected by running Cleanup. I repeated the process tediously three times to replicate the problem on the subject PC. Incidentally, Windows Washer, and the Microsoft Utility, Disk Cleanup do NOT trash the Adobe Reader X. If indeed there is a compatibility issue with Adobe, and this problem is not due to some other effect, I encourage the Foundation to look into.