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What's New in CleanUp! 3.1

With the development of version 3.0, CleanUp! underwent it's biggest rewrite since version 1.0. It now supported 10 major versions of Windows (everything from Windows 95 through to Windows XP), and 15 different major browser versions (IE, Netscape and Opera). Now that CleanUp! 3.0 has been in wide-spread circulation for several months, I have decided to make an interim release to add a few extra features and a couple of minor bug fixes that people had been requesting.

Below is a list of the primary improvements and enhancements over CleanUp! 3.0:

  • Made deletion of Windows XP Prefetch files optional - enabled and disabled through the Options dialog.
  • Added an option to search for and delete Windows Help index files (*.gid) files.
  • Added an "AutoRun" option to quietly run CleanUp! in the background and quit (non-interactive).
  • Clean up WinZip's MRU (extract and file) lists from the registry.
  • Added support for cleaning the Windows Media Player Recent File List entries from the registry.
  • In Options dialog, improved checking for file name component in custom directory specification.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where Prefetch files were not being deleted under some configurations.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where cookies were being deleted even if the "Delete Cookies" option was not checked.
  • Added custom directory/file text box to tab order of Options dialog.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.

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